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Telescopic Loading Conveyor

Fabcon offers an innovative technology to transfer packed goods such as cartons, bags, crates and flat base products which has a similar nature to expand and retract as a Telescope and is called Telescopic Loading Conveyor, which is being used widely in many industries for loading and unloading of material.
Conveyors have become a necessary mode of transfer for easy conveying of cartons and bags where quick turnaround of containers and trucks is required. With telescopic boom different lengths of the conveyor are achievable suit the length of the container or truck or variable as it is filled or emptied. This conveyor is available on movable frame to use single conveyor at different locations.


  • Can be safely operated even by one person only.
  • Eliminates the need of any additional equipments.
  • Front of boom is always at the loading / unloading face reducing physical effort, lifting, carrying and back strain on the personnel’s.
  • Both bags and cartons can be conveyed safely and efficiently.
  • Length can be increased or decreased as per the need.


  • Reduces loading / unloading times – quick turnaround of containers.
  • Reduces risk of workplace injury to operators.
  • Reduces risk of damage to products.
  • Reduces shipping costs.
  • Increases safety, efficiency and productivity.
  • Low maintenance, high efficiency and performance

General Specifications of a Telescopic Conveying System:

Length Retracted A: 7800mm
Extension B: 14500mm
Slant Conveyor: 4500mm
Overall length: 26800mm
Belt width: 900mm
Overall width: 1320mm
Height: 2400mm
Belt type: Siegling PVC belt
Slant belt: Gripped belt
Belt speed: 25m/min
Belt Direction: Two way, loading and unloading
Belt Drive: SEW gear motor
Color: Green powder coated
Height of hydraulic: 1000mm
Loading capacity: ≤ 50kg/meter

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