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Start Up Consultancy

Fabcon posse’s vast experience in the field of snack food industry and material handling system by delivering successful machineries all over the globe.
This experience and expertise can be used by budding entrepreneurs for a start-up in the same field.
Fabcon provides proper startup consultation by providing the basic pointers which are required for successful establishment and commissioning of a food processing industry.

Consultation provided for:

  • Guidance
  • Budget Planning
  • Pros & Cons
  • Manpower Management
  • Layout planning
  • Future prospects
  • Market survey

By overlooking the basic idea of the customer, proper guidance is provided to roll over the process in a fast and efficient way.

Budget Planning
This step ensures that the business idea can take a leap forward by investing the appropriate amount of capital needed at a time and without any wasteful capital investment.

Pros & Cons
Fabcon will explore the idea and will point out all the goodness and the flaws of that idea which will help the business owner to judge the future prospects and the desired steps required to move ahead with the plan.

Manpower Management
How to decide how much manpower will be required to process a specific job? Fabcon will help in that field also. When you want to start up an industry, hundreds of process will take place at a single point and time but we cannot invest all our manpower to do those things, it needs a proper planned layout so that maximum work can be derived from minimum manpower but without en forcing excess pressure over your work force.

Layout Planning
In lay out planning the available floor size is taken into consideration and the best possible lay out for your industry is chalked out to utilize the maximum space for useful purposes.

Future Prospects
How much potential does your planning have in future and what regular changes you have to do to keep your business running efficiently and profitably, this step ensures that.

Market Survey
In this step the potential buyer or product is identified with respect to the market where you want to dedicate your sale and to decide the production accordingly.

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