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Snack Food Flavoring System Dry And Slurry Based

The flavor decides the success of a snack product in the market. The flavoring application requires perfect blending of the seasoning over the snack food product to give it a perfect taste. Fabcon’s flavoring system provides a highly efficient and time saving system that makes the process a hassle free experience. The system provides online automatic continuous flavoring with precise dosing of slurry for various snack food products. Options of different equipments like scarf feeder and drum profiles are provided suitable as per the product nature and seasoning application. Very fine control on the seasoning dosing is possible for desired product taste and quality.

Operations :

The cooked, cooled and oil free product is discharged directly into the rotating drum. A series of longitudinal flights catch the cooked product and gently tumble them within the drums interior. As the pieces are being tumbled, flavoring is dispensed through the extended auger tube of the flavor applicator.

Scarf Feeder-
A Sytem for fine spreading of flavored powder over a bigger area in tumbling/flavoring drum, providing more scope for the product to absorb flavor better and maintaining a homogeneous taste through out.

Dry flavoring -
The dry flavoring is applied to the product as it passes through the drum. An extended auger tube transfers the flavoring from the flavoring hopper into the center of the drum. As the flavoring exist the apertures of the auger tube, it is distributed equally over the product.

Slurry flavoring-
The slurry for flavoring is prepared by the specially designed Kettle system which maintains a suitable temperature for proper mixing of oil and spices. The kettle system consists of twin kettles(depending upon product capacity) for mixing and maintaining a continuous flow of slurry to the flavoring drum.

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