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Retention And Cooling Conveyors

One of the most valuable part of a snack food industry is the quality of the food that is been supplied to the customers for which the snack food needs to be perfectly formed and that can be achieved only when the packaging has been done in perfect conditions and proper seasoning. The retention and cooling conveyor comes into picture in these scenarios.

Features and Application :

  • This conveyer is specially used after the processing of the raw material into the snack.
  • The conveyor is a long horizontal type slow moving conveyer which is used to retain the snack food over it so that it can slowly and gradually be cooled down using the ambient air and the seasoning gets the time to get deposited over the snack food completely.
  • This conveyer is also used as a buffer for the material so that the packaging line will never be empty.
  • It also ensures a continuous product flow to the packaging line solution.
  • This conveyer is very much helpful for those products which require curing.
  • The Conveyer can be speed up or slowed down at any point and time as per the end requirement.
  • Completely customizable as per the end user’s requirement.
  • Complete Food grade materials are used keeping the hygiene factor into consideration.

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