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Extruded Snacks Processing And Bake Line

The FABCON’s extruded snack process and bake line is specially designed to prepare, bake and flavor extruded snacks. With the help of few different types of equipment incorporated in a manner that an online system can be created which can produce extruded bake snack in a continuous motion saving precious time and money.
•  Meal Mixer  produces a mixture of raw materials added in desired ratio/recipe and then Screw Conveyor transfers the mixture to the Extruder.
•  Extruder  then extrudes the mixture into the desired shapes.
The extruded shapes are then introduced into The Baking oven where the product is baked maintaining the desired temperature and moisture.

The baked product is then conveyed into the Flavoring system where the flavor coating is done over it using our state of the art seasoning system, which provides perfect coating of the seasoning over the baked product.
The complete product now can be packed as per requirement.

FABCON also provides the intermediate conveying solutions like conveyors for the product conveying in between or the bucket elevators for feeding the product over the packing machine and storage silos etc.

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