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End of Line Solution And Carton Conveying

One of the most demanding process which requires a lot of manpower and time is packaging storage and dispatch.
Our end of line solution or ENDOLINE system ensures a hassle free packaging and storage/Dispatch system where maximum efficiency can be reached by investing minimum labor and time.

During ENDOLINE, following steps are being followed:

  • The take up conveyers place the pouch packets on a Turn table where one packet at a time shoots out of the window to the filling station, simultaneously a case former folds the carton’s into their box form and brings them together with the pouch packets on the filling station
  • The pouch packets are filled there into the carton boxes in desired number and pushed forward to the case line conveyer
  • The case line conveyer takes the carton boxes to carton sealer where the cartons are sealed properly
  • Then the cartons are placed over a belt conveyer which takes the cartons to the dispatch area or the storage units
  • Our Truck loading conveyers can be further used to load the boxes into the truck.

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