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Cross Vibratory Feeders

An Optimum System for controlled feeding & transfer of material:

Our Vibratory Feeder works on a classic yet affective principle of Electromagnetic Induction, which produces a vibration strong enough to propagate the material forward with controlled speed and desired quantity giving a uniform feed; moreover the vibration can be decreased or increased by an external controller as per the requirement of the hour.


  • Simple Design.
  • Easy Mechanism.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Completely Customizable.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Portable Structure.
  • No relatively moving parts.
  • Can counter varying bulk densities and flow properties.
  • Improves production process.
  • Evenly distributed material.

It is one of the most efficient systems used to feed material at a controlled rate. Fabcon Uses specially designed coils that are heavy duty and can withstand the fluctuations and long working hours.
The feeders meet the widespread demand for conveying bulk material under positive control.
As previously mentioned, the machine can be custom engineered to suit different applications for different industries. Based on the capacity required, the bulk density of the product & its nature, vibratory feeders are designed to give best result.
FABCON has specialized in adapting the machine to custom requirements and special application like de-oiling, segregation of material, linear, unidirectional flow vibratory table.
FABCON uses state of the art technology and alignment systems that ensure long life and easy usage. The feeders are supplied with an electronic controlled vibration controller for controlling the vibration and for synchronizing the vibrator with other machines like conveyers, weighers etc.

System Objectives:

  • Vibratory Hopper: For controlled feeding.
  • Vibrator coils
  • Cross feeders in packaging industries.
  • Separators: Used for minute foreign material removal and also de-oiling / watering purpose.

Equipment Specification:

  • Electromagnetic in nature.
  • Power supply 215v, 1ph,50Hz
  • Amplitude: 3000 vibrations/minute.
  • Trough: Stainless Steel 304.
  • Length and width: As per Requirement and rate of flow calculation.
  • Enclosed coil.
  • Complete unit mounted on heavy base with suitable supports.
  • Optimum use of fiber glass and spring steel leaf springs for maximizing the effect of the vibrations.
  • Electronic controller: For vibration adjustment as per requirement.

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