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Bulk Bag Filling

Fabcon’s Bulk Bag filling system gives you a perfect solution for handling and filling heavy bags without any spillage or wastage of the material.
The rigid balanced structure of the bag filling arrangement ensures a perfect alignment for the bag so that it fills the bulk bag uniformly and effectively.

The construction of the equipment has been designed in such a manner that it can withstand the high pressure situations and accurate output can be delivered every time effectively and efficiently.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel filling nozzle and dual concentric filling spout combines venting system with integral bag /liner inflator.
  • Inflatable Neck seal for dust-free filling.
  • Rise and fall bag loop support arms designed for quick and easy removal by fork lift truck.
  • The arms are fully adjustable to suit varying bag sizes.
  • Filling rate is up to 20 bulk bags per hour depending on bag size and material in feed rate.
  • Robust weigh platform mounted on tour load cells with mechanical overload protection.
  • Vibration facility for product de-aeration and compaction to provide a stable load for storage and transfer electrical and pneumatic operation

Optional Features:

  • Powered roller, mesh or belt conveyer for easy removal of bulk bags.
  • Pneumatic bag push-off device.
  • Full management data on weigh controller plus printer.
  • Pneumatic bag loop release system.
  • Rigid bin or drum filing attachment.
  • Automatic FIBC height adjustment
  • Access Platform.
  • Full range of filling valves to suit product.
  • Spinning heads, to distribute products in bag.

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