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Bulk Bag Discharger

Fabcon’s Bulk Bag Discharger is a perfect solution for handling and emptying heavy bags without any spillage or wastage of the material.
The rigid balanced structure of the discharger ensures perfect alignment for the bag so that it empties the bulk bag uniformly and effectively.
The design and quality parameters are fixed keeping the working conditions of a fast pace and heavy workload of an Industry.


Discharging By volume:

The Bulk Bag is easily controlled by means of a flexible screw conveyer directly coupled to the base of the discharger. This type of conveyer can be used to accurately transfer Bag contents to your vessel in an enclosed and controlled manner

Discharging By weight:

By means of a bag support dish mounted on load cells, it enables highly accurate weighing of product as it is discharged from the bag. If necessary the integral transfer conveyer can also be suspended from the weigh frame to provide a totally self-contained discharge and loss-weight dispensing unit.

Discharging by Single Trip Bag:

Single trip bulk bags are widely used within plant environments for low value or hazardous products and therefore require a dust-free and controllable emptying method. our discharger can empty these disposable bags which have no bottom spout, without wastage or spillage, even those containing poor flowing products using a different discharge aid that suits the application.


  • Full Dust Control
  • Designed to discharge poor flowing materials
  • Suitable for all Bulk Bag types and sizes up to 2 meters high and 2 tones in weight
  • Bag tensioner ensures total emptying of bag contents-on wastage or spillage.
  • Automatic transfer of content via conveyer integral take-off conveyor.
  • Quiet operation (No Vibration).


  • Reduces Labour.
  • Better dust control.
  • Increased Safety.
  • Cleaner working environment.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Online continuous operation.


  • Bag Massager to aid flow.
  • Bag spout closure bars for dust free easy untying and re-tying of bag.
  • Liner remover.
  • Mobile frame.
  • Sack tip door.
  • Hygienic liner clamp.

A number of product handled in bulk bags are of a fine, powdery and invasive nature and total contamination during unloading is necessary to prevent contamination of the local atmosphere and health where the product is volatile, toxic or presents and explosion risk.

Optional Unique Technology:

  • Sealing advised for bottom spout.
  • Automatic spout stretching.
  • Assurance of complete product discharge.
  • Variable height adjustment for different sizes of bag.
  • Static grounding system with FIBC resistance monitoring.
  • Corner massagers.

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