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Belt Conveyors

A conveyor system ensures a safe and reliable method of conveying the desired products up to a specific location.
The conveyors provided by Fabcon are completely customizable and fully acceptable in food and packaging industries.
Different designs, permutation and combination have been adopted for creating variable conveyers for different applications.

The motto of “Quality above all” have inspired us in developing such a design that works effectively and efficiently in Rough and rigorous conditions of a manufacturing industry.


  • Fully Customizable.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Feasible for heavy working conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Wear & Tear resistant.
  • Simple structure.
  • Alignment options to curb belt tracking issue.
  • Food grade belt for safe conveying of edible products.
  • Complete automation possible (Optional).
  • Large Conveying capacity.
  • Low operating cost.


  • Modular belt conveyers.
  • PU Belt conveyers.
  • Thermo drives
  • Other Conveyers.

Types :

Modular Belt Conveyers :

This conveyer is made up of modules joined together to form a continuous belt, the advantage of this belt is that it can be cut and joined from any location wanted, the length of the belt can be increased or decreased at any point without much down time. If the belt is damaged from a certain point so only that section can be changed saving valuable money and time. Highly suitable for wet products.

Incline belt conveyers :

This conveyer is highly suitable for
1. Feeding and carrying confectionary between process.
2. Feeding a weigh metric packaging system in snacks industry.
3. Feeding and carrying bulk snacks for packaging to volumetric system.

Online Bottle transfer system :

Used at bottle filling stations.

Plastic Modular Belt Conveyer :

Used for Biscuit Inspection and cooling

FASTCON Conveyors :

Used for the distribution system using smooth motion.

Carasoule Conveyors :

These are continuous revolving short radius conveyers highly used in Sushi restaurants.

Slat Belt Conveyors :

Perfect Solution for angular conveying, when the source point and discharge point are not collinear.

Pouch Take-Up Conveyor :

Specially designed to take up the pouch directly from the packaging machines to the next process.

Spiral Conveyors :

Designed to move the products horizontally, its special spiral type design ensures less space consumption with maximum result.

S.S. Mesh Belt.

This belt is made up of stainless steel mesh which allows it to be used in extreme temperatures like the submerged belt in fryer or used for De-oiling of the products after frying, this belt can also be used for de-watering applications and large size product transfer.

Flexi link /Star Belt conveyor :

These are high speed conveyers used for fast online Fill-Pack transfer.

PVC Belt conveyers:

This type of conveyer uses a PVC belt which helps in undergoing the heavy duty work with proper precision and ease.

Roller Conveyer

Rollers are used in the conveyers to convey carton boxes. Different specifications of rollers are used for various application.

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