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Automatic Storage And Retrieval System

This is a fast paced time saving procedure which not only stores and retrieves the product but also keeps an inventory track of the same.
A network of conveyers, are laid in such a manner that the conveyer’s can approach all the locations of a pre categorized sections of the storage space.
The carton boxes to be stored will be Bar coded with Date, Time and quantity along with the name of the product or any other specification needed.


  • The bar coded box will be placed over a long horizontal conveyer.
  • A bar code scanner will read the details and will decide where to put the specific box.
  • Bay system conveyers will be placed in between the pre categorized storage system.
  • The initial Bar code system will send the signal to the specific bay where the box has to be placed.
  • The bay’s gate will be opened and the carton box will be pushed on the corresponding conveyer taking the box into the specific bay.
  • Before entering the bay, another bar coding machine will cross-check if the box belongs in the same bay or not, if yes the box will be conveyed forward and will be stacked there and if no, the conveyor will place the box to the initial position.

This process not only makes the stacking and retrieval automatic but also keeps an inventory track which helps during the dispatch of the same.

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