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Peanut Enrobing, Processing And Frying Line

One of the all time favorite munching snack in India which never gets old is “COATED PEANUTS” The production of the coated peanuts needs multiple processes working simultaneously Keeping that in mind FABCON have designed a perfect solution to get the perfect tasty peanuts with sustained quality.

The Online production system ensures minimum wastage with maximum efficiency.

  • A slurry kettle system mixes the coating ingredients according to the desired recipe maintaining the system at a perfect desired temperature to maintain the slurry viscosity.
  • The coating slurry is then introduced to the pre-semi roasted peanuts for coating purpose.
  • The peanut coating can be done by following two methods:
    • 1. Drum type coating system
    • 2. Enrobing type coating system

Drum type coating system

In this system, the pre semi roasted peanuts are introduced in a tumbling drum and the slurry base is then sprayed over it. The tumbling action coats the batter over the peanut and then the coated peanut is then transferred into the fryer for further applications.

Enrobing type coating system

In this system the pre-semi roasted peanuts are laid over a wire mesh conveyer that takes the peanuts through the batter bath which gets coated over the peanut and then comes out of the bath through that conveyor only and is then transferred into the fryer for further applications.

The FABCON’S peanut enrobing processing and frying line ensures the high scale production without compromising the quality.

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