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Indian Ethnic Snacks Processing And Frying Line

In India, One of the most famous evening time snack is the the Indian snack delicacies like Sev, Aloo Bhujia papdi etc. The Fabcon frying line is designed to prepare, cook and flavor extruded snack. The dough is Prepared within the processing area before being manually or automatically transported into the cooking area and Introduced into the extruder.

Steps of Operation :

Firstly the Product is introduced into the Fabcon supplied Frying Line at Meal Mixer..
Then the frying system begins with the controlled introduction of extruded product into the fryer.

The Fryer :
• The Fryer is the principle piece of the equipment and has a number of special features which make it especially suitable for Frying Snacks.
• The snacks dough is extruded into the fryer infeed flume at the Infeed end of the fryer pan. The snacks is propelled by the oil's velocity along the fryer Infeed section. The snacks then enters the fryer pan where submerge portion of the fryer conveyor holds the Namkeen beneath the surface of the cooking oil as it is conveyed through the cooking zone.
• This ensures that the snacks are evenly cooked prior to being removed from the cooking oil by the De- oiling conveyor. The cooked snacks are conveyed along the fryer to the discharge end where any excess oil drains from the product and falls back into the fryer pan.
• The Fryer has a hood over its cooking area to contain steam, hot air and cooking fumes and then direct these into a stack for removal from the factory with the aid of an extraction fan ( a mechanically powered hoist system to provide access to the pan for cleaning). The fryer Infeed flume and fryer inlet header each have an inlet jet at the Infeed end with a flow adjusting valve, Which gives maximum control to the oil flow rate along the pan.

Transfer Conveyor-
• The transfer conveyor carries the cooked product along the length of the conveyor and up to the tumble drum.
• Operators may inspect the product whilst it is on the surface of the conveyor belt and physically remove any defective pieces.

Tumble Drum and flavor Applicator-
The cooked, cooled and oil free product is discharged directly into the rotating drum. A series of longitudinal flights catch the cooked product and gently tumble them within the drums interior. As the pieces are being tumbled, flavoring is dispensed through the extended auger tube of the flavor applicator.

Dry flavoring -
The dry flavoring is applied to the product as it passes through the drum. An extended auger tube transfers the flavoring from the flavoring hopper into the center of the drum. As the flavoring exist the apertures of the auger tube, it is distributed equally over the product.

Slurry flavoring-
The slurry for flavoring is prepared by the specially designed Kettle system which maintains a suitable temperature for proper mixing of oil and spices. The kettle system consists of twin kettles(depending upon product capacity) for mixing and maintaining a continuous flow of slurry to the flavoring drum.

Soaking Conveyer:
The seasoned product is then conveyed to the Soaking Conveyor where it is allowed to cool in the presence of ambient air, thus giving it sufficient time to absorb the seasoning properly.

After following all these steps the finished products are moved to the packing line and is ready for dispatch.

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